Different parts of an electric fan

The fan consists of two poles, one positive that runs through the fan, and the negative that only goes to the motor, these two send electricity to the coil that produces the magnetic energy to move the rotor, and so the shaft  The main component of an electric motor is propellers and sending wind.
The speed of rotation of the fan depends on the amount of current that is sent to the coil.

Different Parts of Electric motor:



A propeller when turning drives the wind as a consequence of the format of its blades.


Due to its shape in coils of coiled wire, the coil stores energy in the form of a magnetic field.
Every conductor through which an electric current circulates, a magnetic field is formed around it.
When the coil of wire turns is made, the magnetic field circulates through the center of the coil and closes its path on the outside.
The rotor is the component that rotates (rotates) in an electric machine, be it a motor or an electric generator. Together with its fixed counterpart, the stator, it forms the fundamental set for the transmission of power in motors and electrical machines in general.

It is formed by an axis that supports a set of coils wound on a magnetic core that rotates within a magnetic field created either by a magnet or by passing through another set of coils, wound on some pole pieces, which remain static and which constitute what is called the stator.


The capacitor is an electrical device that allows you to store energy in the form of an electric field.

It is a device that stores resting or static charges. It consists in its most basic form of two metal plates called armatures facing each other so that when connecting them to a potential or voltage difference one of them acquires negative charges and the other positive.